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Wildfire home protection

How to Protect Your Home From Wildfires

Keeping Your Home Safe During The Summer Season The summer season signals a dreadful heatwave and unexpected disasters. Among the many natural disasters that roar across the country, the high-life west coast is prone to one of the most dangerous…

Buying a house with bankruptcy

Buying a House With Bankruptcy, Is It Possible?

Buying a Home When You’ve Declared Bankruptcy in the Past Few financial decisions carry as much negative weight as bankruptcy. Those who file for bankruptcy status can be set back by the potential property loss and bankruptcy’s effect on their…

What is APR

What Is APR and How Does It Work?

What is APR aka Annual Percentage Rate? APR is a term that you’ve probably come across while viewing credit card details or even obtaining a home or car loan. As an acronym, it stands for Annual Percentage Rate, but what…

Qualities of a good real estate agent

7 Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

Finding a Good Real Estate Agent For most people, buying a home is a lengthy journey full of new and unfamiliar rules and procedures. This unfamiliarity is one of the key reasons why most people benefit from hiring a qualified…

How to prevent wire transfer fraud

How to Prevent Wire Transfer Fraud on Your Mortgage

The Risks of Mortgage Fraud As technology advances, more and more transactions such as down payments, earnest money deposits, and mortgage payments are completed through electronic wire transfers. While this is a faster and easier way to send payments than…

How to pay off your mortgage before retirement

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement

Paying Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement First, you have to determine if it is more appropriate for you to keep or pay off your mortgage. While most people will gravitate towards the peace of mind, savings on interest, and increased…

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