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What Is The 17-Day Close Guarantee?

RWM Home Loans 17-Day Close Guarantee Program is applicable to all borrowers who apply and receive a 17-Day Close Guarantee Certificate prior to identifying a property and submitting an offer to purchase. If an Offer to Purchase is accepted and the loan does not close within 17 days due to a lender-controlled delay, RWM Home Loans will provide a $1500 credit to the seller at closing and a $500 credit to the buyer at closing.

How It Works

At the start of your loan process, your loan officer will explain the difference between a formal pre-approval letter and the 17-Day Close Guarantee Program. A formal pre-approval means that your application and documentation have been reviewed and verified but the underwriter may issue some additional requests for documentation that would be required prior to close. For the 17-Day Close Guarantee Program, your initial pre-approval letter may be issued, but in order to receive the 17-Day Close Guarantee Certificate, you would work with your loan officer to provide the additional items the underwriter has requested prior to going under contract for a purchase.  Once all of your “Borrower” conditions are cleared, you will receive the 17-Day Close Guarantee Certificate, subject to the review of the property and transaction documents that are required once you are under contract to purchase.

Terms & Conditions

While RWM Home Loans is confident in closing within 17 days, extenuating circumstances may cause delays outside of RWM Home Loans’ control. If delays or extensions are not within the control of RWM Home Loans, the payment to the seller and buyer is then null and void. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to: (1) Failure to authorize appraisal order with a rush fee within 24 hours of signed purchase contract; (2) Acceptable appraisal not received at least 7 days prior to the scheduled close; (3) Delays due to required repairs or HOA documentation delays; (4) Delays due to borrower, seller, and/or escrow not providing required items within 24 hours of the request; (5) Changes requested to loan structure or purchase contract by customer or seller within 7 days of closing. The 17-Day Close Guarantee cannot be issued for broker loans, investor underwritten loans, reverse mortgages, and any loans requiring down payment assistance. This in no way constitutes an agreement between the seller and RWM Home Loans. The seller cannot require the buyer to use RWM Home Loans as their lender and the buyer is free to shop for other loan services. Credits the buyer receives cannot exceed actual closing costs.

Mortgage Lending Simplified

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Everyone on the team was really professional, helpful and dedicated to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Whenever we had a question or concern, we always received a prompt reply.

Andriry K.

Extremely responsive, website was brilliant, clear list of what we needed and stayed on us until it was complete, knew who to send us to for tax transfer from our previous house. We will definitely refer our friends and family…read more

Kirk C.

The communication on the process and the ability to sign documents electronically was a life saver. The availability and speed of answers were great.

Angelia B.

You helped me understand all my options, which made me feel more confident in the decision I had to make. You were on top of everything that had to be done and kept things moving in an efficient way... It…read more

Julie M.

The team was easy to work with and willing to answer all of my questions. They even worked with a notary in North Carolina so I didn't miss my vacation.

Melody T.

Everything was fully explained from the beginning, and I felt like we worked as a team when we went step by step in our journey of getting financed for our first home.

Ana E.

Buying a house can be overwhelming but when you have someone you trust it makes it so much easier. We felt assured that we were in good hands and that we would get to the finish line during the escrow…read more

Cassandra C.

Constant communication of needs and issues. Drafting of key documents in timely way. Friendly interactions and commitment to service.

Noah B.

Good communication, great staff and high level of professionalism.

James G.

The team was tremendously attentive to our every need and only had our goals and best interests in mind. Would work with them again anytime.

Brian S.


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